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Esoteric Agenda 2 Documentary
Censored Video

Esoteric Agenda 2

Esoteric Agenda 2 As the world has descended into the Coronavirus quarantine thanks to the novel COVID-19, 5G infrastructure is being rolled out at break

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Covidland Documentary
Medical Mafia

Covidland The Lockdown By Alex Jones

Covidland The Lockdown By Alex Jones The latest release from Infowars is finally here! ‘Covidland’ is a riveting and fast-paced movie made by award-winning filmmaker

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Kymatica Documentary
Hidden History


Kymatica We may be quick to blame secret organizations, greedy corporations and corrupt politicians for the state of the environment and economy. The harsh truth

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Esoteric Agenda Documentary
Censored Video

Esoteric Agenda

Esoteric Agenda To say it is a conspiracy theory is an understatement. The fate of the world is not in the hands of the people,

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Out Of Shadows Documentary
Censored Video

Out Of Shadows

Out Of Shadows The Out Of Shadows documentary lifts the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading

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The Universal Antidote Documentary About Chlorine Dioxide
Censored Video

The Universal Antidote

The Universal Antidote The science and story of Chlorine Dioxide. NASA proclaimed it a universal antidote in 1987. Since that time thousands have recovered from

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