Mask mandate for kids under 5 extended For New Yorkers

Mask mandate for kids under 5 extended For New Yorkers

Photo Credit: Lukas Kloeppel. Photo Sourced From: Pexels

Article Sourced From: CBS News

Some officials are urging New Yorkers to get another booster, and the city’s controversial mask mandate for kids under five years old, which was set to be lifted Monday, is staying in place.

Mayor Eric Adams extended the mask mandate for a week and said he’ll reevaluate based on the numbers, but some parents said toddlers shouldn’t be singled out, CBS2’s Dick Brennan reported.

Fed-up parents rallied at City Hall to demand relief from the school mask mandate for kids under five.

“Like other parents, I was totally willing to go with it at first, but I’m not willing anymore,” said Alexandra Zelman Doring, who said her children Cy and Fia don’t need to cover up.

Other parents said it’s tough with little ones.

“She’s almost two. Look at this face. You want to put a mask on her? She’s not gonna wear it properly. It’s always off, there’s always gaps, it’s always wet,” said Lexi Kasper, who hopes her daughter Sadie can stop wearing a face covering.


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