It's Time To Stop Looking At Hollywood For Influence

Today on the Naturally Inspired Podcast Clip: Tammy talks with Mikki Willis about hollywood, actor, glamorous, fame, hiearchy, leaders, celebrity, mind control, reality, true providers, trendy, moral compass

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I think that a lot of people think that being an actor is is super glamorous and given given all the kind of light that’s been shined on to Hollywood lately, I wonder if that’s going to change people’s perspective of what being an actor means. 

I hope so because quite frankly, I think the entire concept of fame has to go away. It’s it’s kind of rooted in the older hierarchies of of placing someone above ourselves and and just the insanity and and that. I’ve I’ve seen people you know. I’ve 30 some years in Hollywood and I’ve seen people fresh off the bus. You know, jump, jump into Hollywood, and because they’re really pretty or whatever they they land a a TV series right away, and within six months time the world is listening to them because they’re a celebrity. Yeah, and there was literally no education. No preparation, nothing. That would give them the authority to be a world leader, but because they’re on a hit TV show. 


They’re they suddenly, are you know? A, A leader of some sort and and I think it’s a very dangerous thing because we as we’ve seen you know the celebrities have. You know? Partially because Hollywood has been so targeted by by those who seek you. Know, mind, control that yeah a lot of the celebrities are are the furthest away from reality and so I think that whole thing just needs to to die that we appreciate each other. You know, it’s like why, why aren’t we? In awe of. Of the guy that cooks our food in the kitchen. Or the woman who cooks her food. You know, that’s like like that’s somebody’s actually providing nutrition and and yet yet they they get put. You know, lower on the pedestal of just the cook, you know, and then we have a celebrity who just basically auditions for a part because they have, you know, the the latest haircut they they suddenly. Yeah, are thrust into this high paying job and become the the moral compass for half. The world it’s it’s. 

A it’s. 

A bizarre thing that we’ve created and I think it’s time to. To new recreate it. 

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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia is an organic lifestyle entrepreneur, podcast host, radio show personality, health writer and spokesperson for health freedom. She began hosting “Naturally Inspired Podcast” in 2019 where she interviews top minds in lifestyle solutions and health freedom. She makes guest host appearances on AM/FM radio and also has a daily show called “Naturally Inspired Daily”.  

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