Healing With Functional Mushrooms

Healing With Functional Mushrooms

Photo Credit: Irina Iriser. Photo Sourced From: Pexels

Article Sourced From: Forbes

Every variant from the fungi family offers its unique set of benefits. Reishi is familiar in the field of Asian healing traditions. It supports the body’s natural ability to fight viruses and destroys cancer cells. Regular intake of Reishi has also rendered impressive results in managing stress, enhancing mood, and improving one’s quality of sleep. I’ve not stopped taking my Reishi tinctures since it was first introduced as a delicious topper to vegan breakfast parfaits and chia bowls.

Further exploration of the functional mushroom spectrum revealed other potent varieties that mark striking improvements in overall quality of life. Cordyceps is a type of mushroom that continues to gain traction among athletic or active individuals. It boosts metabolic rates and helps with muscle recovery, especially following a killer workout. A shot of cordyceps before exercise or sport also supports the body as it regulates oxygen.


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