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Today on the Naturally Inspired Podcast Dr Peter Breggin is joining us.
Peter R. Breggin MD is a lifelong reformer known as “The Conscience of Psychiatry” for his criticism of biological psychiatry and his promotion of more effective, empathic, and ethical forms of psychological, educational, and social approaches to people with emotional suffering and disability. He graduated from Harvard College with Honors and his psychiatric training included a Teaching Fellowship at Harvard Medical School. Following his training, he became a Full Time Consultant in the U.S. Public Health Service at NIH, assigned to the National Institute of Mental Health. Since then, he has taught at several universities, including Johns Hopkins, George Mason, and the University of Maryland, as well as at the Washington School of Psychiatry.

Dr. Breggin is the author of more than 20 medical and scientific texts, as well as popular books, including the bestseller and highly-documented Talking Back to Prozac. Coauthored in 1994 with his wife Ginger, Talking Back to Prozac has sold close to one million copies and continues to sell. Dr. Breggin’s more than 70 peer-reviewed scientific reports and articles have been published in many journals, including JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association), the American Journal of Psychiatry, the AMA Archives of General Psychiatry, and most recently several European journals, including Medical Hypotheses and Children and Society. He is known worldwide as the leading critic of authoritarian biological psychiatry and an advocate of psychosocial approaches to healing the mind and spirit. Learn more about Dr Peter Breggin at https://breggin.com/

Please welcome Dr Peter Breggin to the Naturally Inspired Podcast.

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